This is a living document.
Hello! This page is running from a public Dropbox text file with the true copy on my system, everything I do will be updated here. It saves the overhead of using any kind of CMS. That's the reason, I call it a living document.
Public pages on AS shot server load over 60, I think it was due to too much load on Mongo. Now every night a Cron Job moves data from Mongo to MYSQL(running on a different loaction). Public pages are now populated by data from MYSQL.
Hourly tweets about AS statistics will now be running every two hours, which means, every even hour top 5 mentioners & brand will be notified.
Pie charts and line graphs will be created on an image using imagepng function in PHP language.
Here's how it looks.
The idea is to provide more information in the hourly tweets (which are now bihourly) than just plain text.
Update twitter statistics to me through telegram bot, i.e tweet count in DB today, unique brands talked about and tweet count in the last hour.
AS - Around Social is a platform, tracking tweets and hashtags for brands.
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Twitter : @aroundsocialco
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