This is a living document.
Hello! This page is running from a public Dropbox text file with the true copy on my system, everything I do will be updated here. It saves the overhead of using any kind of CMS. That's the reason, I call it a living document.
  • Moved AS# to a new server running on DO, 30G/Ubuntu 14.04/1G RAM. Earlier it was running on AWS free tier.
  • SSL is now in place, so all connections will stay private.
Public pages on AS# shot server load over 60, I think it was due to too much load on Mongo. Now every night a Cron Job moves data from Mongo to MYSQL(running on a different loaction). Public pages are now populated by data from MYSQL.
Hourly tweets about AS# statistics will now be running every two hours, which means, every even hour top 5 mentioners & brand will be notified.
  • Cron Job to update AS# sitemap. 5 past midnight, sitemap will be generated for the listing bots to index.
  • Added 4G swap space on server. Node was restarting with out of memory error.
    Update: Less restarts now, but still there.
  • Cron Job to remove all mongo documents which are older than two weeks.
  • Populate dates on AS# pages from database, earlier they were being generated from a loop. This implies, only the dates on which mentions to the brands was made, will be displayed on the page to be selected from.
  • New table to distinguish monthly data on MYSQL.
Pie charts and line graphs will be created on an image using imagepng function in PHP.
Here's how it looks.
The idea is to provide more information in the hourly tweets (which are now bihourly) than just plain text.
Update twitter statistics to me through Telegram bot, i.e tweet count in DB today, unique brands talked about and tweet count in the last hour.
Did some fancy stuff today.
  • Created a Dropbox developer account.
  • What does the application do? - Whenever any file in the dropbox folder is updated, it triggers a notification which then calls a script on the server. That script copies the content of the file and updates another file on the server (in short, creates an own workable copy of the file). Now the contents of the file triggers a set of MYSQL instructions and populates the data to the database.
  • The fun I had : First I created a full Dropbox access application, everytime a file was updated (even by other members), notification to Slack & Telegram was pushed. Had to change the application rights to just a folder which has only one workable text file now. Now getting almost right Slack notifications.
Memcached finally happened! 👊
I was thinking from some time to implement memcached on AS#, now that has happened. Yay! 🎉
Hourly code which is being used to send tweets to brands receiving the maximum tweets is modified (almost again written 😏) to get top 15 receivers and top 5 users sending them. This data is now being served through memcached and is updated every 15 minutes with a help of a cron job. See for yourself.
Now using emoticons. 😉
Happened while I was updating this document for 10th and felt the need to add some pun-intented stuff. Emoticons fill them good (I like Telegram stickers more though).
People have started to DM me about promoting their twitter links. Hurray!
Reconsidering it, not in the mood to do charity. 😜
  • Tweets added to database for Arnold#.
  • Script to tweet top users for AS#. Every hour a notification tweet will be sent to the top 10 mentioners with the brand names they mentioned.
Scraped LinkedIn for a list of companies and profiles available. Pretty simple task, since the page was public and no JS to load the content. Used cheerio to fetch the data from two level links and save them in a text file.
Interesting to see over 50222 profiles and 255402 companies listed. Feel free to get in touch and request this data.
Updating something after such a long time. P.S. Now using Sublime 3 (free version).
AS - Around Social is a platform, tracking tweets and hashtags for brands.
Link :
Twitter : @aroundsocialco
Arnold - Arnold is the name of my twitter bot. This bot tweets a famous quote every half hour.
Twitter : @shadesofourlife
Get in touch.
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